Getting Creative at Camp

Today, campers are getting their first taste of the bunk schedules they crafted! Cabins enjoyed paddle boat races on the lake, choreographed dances in the pool for a panel of highly trained judges (our lifeguards), adventured on their first gnarly blocks and so much more.


Each summer, campers can expect something new at Tawonga. It’s the creative minds behind our programming that make activities at Tawonga unique and special. Over the next three weeks, campers will start elective programs known as Chugim for the units of Carmel and Galil, and Livnot for the units of Eilat, Haifa and Chalutzim.


These elective programs give campers the opportunity to explore new topics and build new skills. From an elective titled “Angels in the Outfield,” which explores the intersection between sports and religion, to a Tawonga Bug Club, our talented staff never fail to curate a diverse list of electives for campers to enjoy. 


Enjoy photos from a variety of Camp activities! Stay tuned for more content in this evening’s post.