“Getting Gnarly” at Tawonga

One of the reasons campers love Tawonga is the way that Camp allows them to be the best versions of themselves. Kids often talk about how being at Tawonga helps them to find their real voice and discover who they are meant to be.


Behind this phenomenon is the first rung of our Mission, which is to promote self-esteem in our campers. Every activity and program is designed and led with this goal in mind, even down to some extremely silly activities like “Getting Gnarly.” This is one of Tawonga’s most unique and beloved activities.


The idea behind Gnarly is that the campers, if they choose to, can get as dirty as possible! You name it, they’ve used it – from dirt and mud to paint, glitter, sand, lake water and everything in between. While this is of course just incredibly fun, just like everything else at Camp Tawonga, the intention behind it is what makes it so powerful.


“Getting gnarly” encourages campers to step out of their comfort zones by having an experience completely outside the realm of normal life at home. In doing so, kids get to bond with each other in a very unique way. Today, the bunks of B-9 and G-9 got particularly gnarly – check it out below!


Who’s up?

Enjoy photos from today’s activities at Camp.

Who’s on deck?

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