Goat Milk 101 at the Farm & Garden

Tawonga’s Farm and Garden offer campers the opportunity to connect with the food they eat, to help give back to the earth and to learn about environmental sustainability.


Many campers this session will have the chance to participate in a popular goat cheese making block at our Farm and Garden. Today, Head of Teva (nature) staff, Morgan S., taught B-1 campers how to milk a goat while Wilderness staff member Jules M., demonstrated on one of the farm’s goats. The kids then used the fresh goat milk to make cheese with the help of staff member, Annie S., who heated a mixture of goat milk and vinegar on the garden’s outdoor stove.


Meanwhile, campers wrote notes to the farm animals (whose names are X-box and Pippin), and the bunnies who roam the garden. Practicing gratitude, many campers thanked the goats for the milk they provided.


The block concluded with a discussion on food ethics and the benefits of buying locally. Annie S. explained to the campers that it’s important to be aware where our food comes from, and that as often as possible, we all should strive to consider eating local produce. When we eat food that has to be flown in from far distances, our carbon footprint grows.


When our staff asked, “How can you take this home with you?” a camper responded,


Talking with our parents about how we can visit more local farmers markets, and at dinner, talking about where our food comes from.


What a great idea!


Enjoy photos from today’s goat cheese block as well as other activities around Camp!