Goodbye Taste of Camp (See You Next Summer!)

Last night, the end-of-session traditions commenced with a Banquet dinner, Closing Campfire and cabin memory sheet making. This morning, they continued with a final Song Session and Unit goodbyes before exiting camp through the “Tunnel of Love.”


Cabins gathered to fill out Memory Sheets last night which they shared this morning in their Unit goodbye circles. A Memory Sheet captures every camper’s highlights of the time spent at Camp.


As we guarantee in our welcome song — “We’ll sing you in, we’ll sing you out” — staff form a Tunnel of Love by standing in lines for campers to walk through to hug one another and say “see you next year!” while singing “Leaving on a Jet Bus,” a Camp classic.


As campers boarded the buses, one camper approached Executive Director Jamie Simon-Harris and shared “I have 9 words for you,” she held up her fingers and counted each word. “I don’t want to go. This is my home.”



Also: Happy birthday to camper Liza P.!



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Who’s up?

Enjoy a last glimpse into all the fun we had at Taste of Camp!


Who’s on deck?

We’re getting excited to welcome Session 2 campers, who arrive on Sunday!