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Having Fun and Building Skills

During Sessions III and IV, campers get to choose some of their activities through electives known as “Livnot” and “Chugim.” These are fun, often skill-building electives led by counselors and specialists. Over the course of five activity blocks during the session, campers get to break out of their normal cabin groups and participate in these electives with kids from other bunks. During Session IV, the units of Carmel, Galil and Eilat participate in Chugim, while the units of Haifa and Chalutzim participate in Livnot.


Chugim, which translates to “lesson” and livnot, which means “to build,” can focus on anything; from watercolors at the river, to learning some basic lifeguarding skills to even just good ol’ fashioned soccer. Staff make sure campers have a wide array of options to choose from, catered to their own personalities and interests. 


During Session IV, some of the chugim and livnot include Israeli food and culture, poetry and abstract art and Middle Eastern board games.


Today’s during the soccer chugim, coach Nyv setting up drills and games to improve their soccer skills. In Weird and Wacky Experiments, the kids were tasked to build contraptions out of what they found around in Camp to prevent eggs from breaking during an egg drop. Mad Skillz with Cate and Avery focused on some parkour techniques. In Poetry and Abstract Art, campers made clay figurines.  


Chugim and Livnot will meet a few more times before the end of the session for campers to complete projects they have been working on, or to wrap up and solidify any skills they are learning .


Enjoy photos below of some of today’s Chugim (no Livnot today) and of other activities around Camp!