How To-Wonga: Shakshuka with Luchy

Cooking in Tawonga’s Garden has quickly become a favorite camper activity in recent summers. Just this morning, the bunk of B-4A gathered in the Garden for a very special cooking lesson with staff member Luchy, who helps out with programming at Camp.

During his popular Garden block, Luchy instructed campers on how to cook shakshuka, a traditional Israeli breakfast dish featuring eggs and peppers. Campers enjoyed this delicious dish in the shade of the Garden gazebo while playing cards and relaxing.

They also discussed traditional foods from different countries in anticipation of our upcoming International Dinner, a special Session III tradition where staff create a buffet-style dinner featuring traditional dishes from all around the world.

While the shakshuka simmered, campers collected fresh basil from the Garden. The cabin discussed the flavors each ingredient brought to the dish as they added spices and fresh herbs to the mix.

Here’s the ingredient list for making shakshuka at home!

Shakshuka Ingredients (serves 4)

•4 tomatoes

•4 eggs

•1 onion

•4 cloves of garlic

•Salt + Pepper

•Tomato Paste





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