Inspired by Nature: Art at Camp

Campers spend time at Arts & Crafts using found pieces of nature to inspire their art or even incorporate pieces of nature into their creations. They repurpose rocks and paint them to become pet rocks; they collect flowers, leaves and pieces of wood to assemble mobiles for mobile-making. Some draw inspiration from our surroundings for watercoloring and other visual arts. 

In continuing this special Camp tradition of creating nature-inspired art, Jewish programmer Vicki spearheaded an all-Camp art project during her Unit ruach hours, as a part of Shabbat programming.

Each bunk was assigned a crucial moment in Tawonga’s history, like when the site was moved from Lake Tahoe to Yosemite, the first time Camp ran the Counselor-In-Training program, as well as the story of the land before it was Tawonga, when it was home to the Tuolumne Band of Me-wuk Indians. Then, campers were given a 7×7 piece of wood and paint for them to illustrate and commemorate these historical moments.

All the camper-painted plaques will be arranged in chronological order by the events they represent and installed on a wall in the new Central Bathhouse, which opened just a few weeks ago. As campers use the space for the first time, they also have the opportunity to create meaningful art to fill the space and help make it feel like home. 

Who’s up?

Enjoy photos of plaque-painting, goat cheese making and a Galil dance.

Who’s on deck?

Stay tuned for some flicks from the Haifa Chalutz dance and other evening activities.