The units of Haifa and Chaltuzim participated in their first Livnot activities today! Livnot are skill-based electives where specialists teach campers a new skill of their choosing, encouraging kids to expand their own personal interests while also gaining knowledge. Younger units take part in similar activities called Chugim.


We have some really fun opportunities offered for this round of Livnot, including Kabbalat Shabbat-tie-dying with A & C specialists, song leading, chess and more.


Another exciting Livnot opportunity focuses on photography (we’re calling it “Phot-not”) and is led by our Blogger & Photographer Sydney Campbell and Programmer David McKenna. We’re teaching kids the basic skills of taking pictures as well as how to channel photography as a form of self-expression. Take a look at some of the photos from today, including some that our Phot-not participants shot!


P.S. We are also so thrilled to share this wonderful article from today’s j. (Jewish News Weekly) about Shabbat at Camp Tawonga. Enjoy.


P.P.S. Stay tuned later for some beautiful pictures from our first Shabbat of Session IV!