Mario Party: Tawonga Style

This morning, the entire Camp community gathered for a spirited, high-energy activity known as the All-Camp Program!

During this activity, campers entered into a world where the most important election of the Mushroom Kingdom was at stake– and the classic antagonist, Bowser, was running against the Mario Party in the upcoming presidential election. While the Bowser Party’s motive was to seize power and extract all wealth from the Mushroom Kingdom, it was up to the Mario Party to choose a candidate who could eventually overthrow Bowser’s corrupt motives.

Campers competed in what are commonly known as “Color War” activities, but with a Tawongan twist of Mario mini games. Each team completed a series of tests and trials like “Mario Kart” in the dining hall, a synchronized swim routine, an egg relay race and more. Whichever team had the most points attributed to Ruach (spirit), hydration, sportsmanship, sunblock and participation, would enter their team leaders into a final epic paddle-boat race to determine the candidate once and for all. Between Princess Peach (red team), Yoshi (green team), Donkey Kong (purple team), Toad (blue team) and Wario (yellow team), the Princess Peach team took the win and proved to be the best candidate!

Ultimately, the aim of this program was for campers to bond with other bunks, get spirited and, of course, elect the best nominee to become the next president of the Mushroom Kingdom. Take a look at last session’s All-Camp Program as well as the pictures from Session IV’s fun-filled day.