Meet the Directors!
Summer 2018 Edition

The campers arrive to kick off Tawonga’s 2018 summer in just four days! Meet the talented summer director team working for Tawonga year-round to ensure every child has a positive experience. Fun fact: Together, this team has spent a total of 127 summers at Tawonga. They guide and support the entire summer staff to ensure the most safe, loving, inclusive and fun environment for every camper.

Ashley Costello

Ashley with husband Jameson and son Erez

Role: Director of Community Outreach
Number of Tawonga Summers: 21 (15 staff, six camper)
Advice for New Campers:

It’s common to feel nervous before coming to Camp for the first time, but all new campers should know that you’ll make your first friend in less than 24 hours. Before you know it, you’ll be having so much fun that you’ll forget why you were nervous in the first place!

Most Looking Forward to This Summer: Seeing Camp Tawonga’s Mission come alive in every child who comes to Camp, and celebrating Shabbat as a community.


Aaron Lurie

Role: Kitchen and Operations Manager
Number of Tawonga Summers: 13  (nine staff, four camper)
Favorite part about Camp: The sounds of nature (birds, river, wind, trees, etc)
Advice for New Campers:

Embrace everything and everyone, conquer your fears and remember to breathe in that fresh mountain air!

Aaron with fiancé Charley


Aaron Mandel

Role: Associate Director
Number of Tawonga Summers: 24 (17 staff, seven camper)
Favorite Part about Camp: Backpacking and day-hiking in Yosemite and the surrounding forests
Advice for New Campers:

Have your parents address and stamp some envelopes for you ahead of time, and put your name on everything!


Myla Marks

Myla with husband Wes and daughters Nava (left) and Ariela

Role: Wilderness Director
Number of Tawonga Summers: 14 (10 staff, four camper)
Favorite Part about Camp: The community, in which everyone works hard to create a mission-driven, beautiful environment for campers. And the middle fork of the Tuolumne River that runs through our land.
Advice for New Campers: 

Listen to Tawonga’s album, “Home,” on Spotify, and get excited for song session  🙂


Becca Meyer

Role: Camp Director

Becca with daughter Lucy (not pictured: husband Jeff and son Forest)

Number of Tawonga Summers: 13 on staff
Favorite Part about Camp: That at Tawonga, we are all unplugged and screen-free so that people can connect with each other and with nature.

Advice for New Campers:

Your counselors are there to help and support you, so be sure to let them know if there’s anything you need.

Sam Quintana

Role: Summer Assistant Director
Number of Tawonga Summers: 17 (11 staff, 6 camper)
Favorite Part about Camp: Watching the staff grow as professionals, and in turn, providing amazing experiences for kids.
Advice for New Campers

Make as many new friends as you can. The bonds you’ll make in your cabin will last a lifetime.

Jamie Simon

Jamie with husband Dan and sons Ezra (left) and Eli

Role: Executive Director
Number of Tawonga Summers: 25 (19 staff, six camper)
Advice for New Campers:

Come to Camp with an open mind, both to try out new activities as well as to meet new people.

Most Looking Forward to This SummerWatching parents at the bus stop reunite with their kids, who will be happy, dirty and already missing Camp!


P.S. Stay tuned for a post coming soon all about this week’s Staff In-Service Training.