Mission Moments

After three full days of Session A, the campers are in full swing! As they become more comfortable in their surroundings with each passing day, and closer with their counselors and bunkmates, their confidence continues to grow. This camper journey of growth and exploration is rooted in Tawonga’s four-part mission, which since 1925 has fostered high self-esteem, enduring community, Tikkun Olam and positive Jewish identity. 

 A peek into the four parts of our mission: Sleep-away camp is full of challenges to build self-esteem, and each triumph – a new friendship, a backpacking trip, a swim in the river – builds independence and resilience. Living in a cooperative community means campers contribute to the well-being of our shared space, participate in consensus-based decision making and learn the value of compromise. 

Tikkun Olam, which in Hebrew means “repairing the world,” is interpreted at Tawonga to focus on building an appreciation of nature in campers and leaving the world a better place. And lastly, at Tawonga, however campers affiliate with being Jewish, they are encouraged to find their own spiritual paths with epic Shabbat celebrations, spirited song sessions and Jewish cultural and ritual practices. Often, campers return home feeling that it’s “cool” to be Jewish and excited to continue their Jewish journey. Enjoy photos below from the many activities of the day. If you look closely, you’ll find the mission everywhere!