Nature Spots at Camp

Camp Tawonga’s majestic 160 acre property has so much natural beauty to offer the campers and staff each and every season. The views from spots like Marshmallow Rock and Hershey Rock, named after their distinct shapes that resemble a marshmallow and Hershey’s Kiss, and Stone Couch (which looks like, you guessed it, a literal stone couch!), overlook the mountain ranges that surround Tawonga. Bunks venture out to these locations, a short five minute walk from main Camp, to make nature art, lead silent meditations and sing Camp tunes with a song leader – all the while, enjoying breathtaking views!


Jus a few minutes further out of main Camp, you’ll soon hit the middle fork of the Tuolumne River. Campers can relax and cool off with their bunks at various alcoves along the riverbed. This morning G-3 spent their first block swimming in the clear Tuolumne waters with their counselors and a lifeguard. After taking a dip, they dried off on warm rocks bathed in sunshine.


It is quality time in nature that enhance and promote a connection to the third rung of the Tawonga Mission, Tikkun Olam (a partnership with nature). Camp Tawonga is set apart from many other summer experiences due to the inherent rusticity and intentional disconnection from city life and technology. It’s so special giving kids the opportunity to spend time outside and in nature with their friends and counselors.


Today’s gallery features photos of campers saying their goodbye’s to friends who left on the early bus and other activities at nature spots all around Camp!

Another day, another GIF! Stay tuned for photos from tonight’s carnival celebration.