Notes from the Road: A Taste of Quest

Today’s blog post takes you behind the scenes of Tawonga’s 2022 A Taste of Quest.

In July 2022, a rowdy group of nine adventurers headed out on a week-long long trip to Tahoe National Forest that was filled with camping, backpacking, swimming and lots of silly games. Enjoy highlights and photos below from this “starter” Quest. We have a feeling these questers may be back for more next season! 

Quest Leaders

Katie Hall and Delaney Brummé


9 Questers between the ages of 10 and 12 (rising 6th and 7th graders)

Quest Itinerary

  • A glorious week spent in Tahoe National Forest, including a day hike followed by three days and two nights of backpacking.
  • Swimming, exploring, stargazing and cooking their own meals.
  • A final banquet and s’mores on the last night of Quest.

Quest Highlights

  • So many silly games like Piggly Wiggly, Mafia and Nature Hide and Seek!
  • We led a “Kvetching” block and all worked together to learn and practice the Jewish Art of Complaining. We all came up with something to complain about and something to look forward to, e.g. “This backpack is so heavy, I can’t wait to get to camp and take it off.” (A fun twist on “Rose and Thorn”!)
  • The Questers all joined forces and came up with an elaborate plan to steal the Quest Leader’s water bottle in a game of “Where’s Gertie?”

Quester Quote

“This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen! I’m going to remember this hike for the rest of my life – or at least a really, really long time.”
– Lincoln, A Taste of Quester

Quest Leader Inspiration

“I love watching the kids experience new things in nature and at the same time discover things about themselves! Whether it’s laughing while playing games or pushing ourselves up hills carrying heavy packs, the bonding and memory-making is never-ending!”
– Katie Hall, A Taste of Quest Leader


Please note that our original A Taste of Quest itinerary was slated for Yosemite National Forest, but due to smoke in the area during the time of the trip, the Quest was re-routed to Tahoe National Forest. You can learn more about Tawonga Adventure Quests here