Notes from the Road: Magical Mystery Tour Quest

Today’s blog post takes you behind the scenes of Tawonga’s Magical Mystery Tour Quest.

Session A families and fans: You can find your campers below in the Session A photo gallery. Enjoy!

Last week, our Magical Mystery Tour returned from a two week trip filled with backpacking, river rafting, and sea kayaking.

Enjoy highlights and photos below!

Quest Leaders

Ellie Rosenthal and Ari Naiman


12 Questers entering 9th and 10th  grade

Quest Itinerary

  • Camping near Bass Lake
  • Backpacking at Chilnualna Falls
  • Camping in Calaveras Big Trees State Park
  • River rafting on the American River
  • Sea Kayaking on Tomales Bay

Quest Highlights

  • It was awesome to experience the ice cold water at Chilnualna Falls.
  • Dungeons and Dragons was a big hit on our trip, led by two enthusiastic campers!
  • We had a Broadway sing along car ride where we sang the entire soundtracks to Dear Evan Hansen and Hamilton.
  • Everyone loved the sea kayaking, we got to see harbor seals and tons of sea nettles and eat sea kelp!
  • Drinking cocoa and watching the sunset in Yosemite.  

Quest Leader Inspiration

Quest leaders Ellie Rosenthal and Ari Naiman reflect on their shared experience:


“Everyone tried something new on this journey, whether it was new foods, backpacking, backcountry cooking, or just being away from home for an extended period of time.”


“We saw so much growth from each and every camper from day one to day 13. Exposure to the outdoors at a young age is critical in fostering a healthy relationship with nature and becoming a responsible steward of the environment.”