Notes from the Road: Magical Mystery Tour Quest

Today’s blog post takes you behind the scenes of Tawonga’s 2022 Magical Mystery Tour Quest.

Last week, our Magical Mystery Tour returned from a two week trip filled with backpacking, river rafting, and sea kayaking.

Enjoy highlights and photos below!

Quest Leaders

Emaline Kerwin and Jill Albertson


11 Questers entering 9th and 10th grades

Quest Itinerary

  • Camping in Yosemite National Park
  • Backpacking at Chilnualna Falls
  • Camping in Calaveras Big Trees State Park
  • Whitewater river rafting on the American River
  • Sea Kayaking in Tomales Bay

Quest Highlights

  • The swimming holes on the hike to Chilnualna Falls.
  • While giving gratitude during Shabbat dinner, we were greeted by a black bear at our table! We told him our favorite ice cream flavors, but due to his fear of dairy, he ran away! It was a very beary Shabbat sha-“gnome”! 
  • Day trip to Natural Bridges and swimming in the huge caverns
  • In Yosemite, a Quester asked “What was that beach next to that big rock again?”  “That ‘big rock’ — do you mean El Capitan?!”

Quest Leader Inspiration

Quest leaders Jill and Emaline reflect on their shared experience:

“My favorite part of my job has been getting to travel throughout California with these kids and watching them grow and experience all that this beautiful state has to offer!”