Notes from the Road: Surf ‘n’ Turf Quest

Today’s blog post takes you behind the scenes of Tawonga’s Surf ‘n’ Turf Quest.

Session A families and fans: You can find your campers below in the Session A photo gallery. Enjoy!

Last week, our Surf ‘n’ Turf Quest returned from an epic two-week adventure exploring California’s stunning coastline. From the mountains of Big Sur to the sandy beaches of Ventura, these questers connected to nature and bonded together as a tight-knit crew through backpacking trips, kayaking, surfing, Shabbat celebrations in the wilderness, cooking and eating meals together, sleeping under the stars and sharing new experiences.

Enjoy highlights and photos below!

Quest Leaders

Ruby Williams and Rob Levine


12 Questers entering 7th and 8th grade

Quest Itinerary

  • Sea otter and bird watching at Carmel by the Sea
  • Backpacking near Big Sur
  • World’s best waffles in Cayucos
  • Sand dune racing in Montaña de Oro
  • Surfing in Ventura
  • Sea cave kayaking and snorkeling in the Channel Islands
  • Hot springs in Montecito
  • Surprise trip to Pinnacles National Park

Quest Highlights

  • Cooking an amazing Surf ‘n’ Turf themed meal on Shabbat night over candlelight. They rounded out the themed food on the last night of the Quest with backcountry impossible burgers and sushi.
  • Sleeping under the stars after a very long and elevation heavy backpacking trip.

Quest Leader Inspiration

Quest leaders Ruby and Rob reflecting on their shared experience:

“Watching each quester rise to the challenge is incredibly inspiring. The unity and collaboration of this group is such a gift. I’m incredibly proud of each individual of the  Surf ‘n’ Turf Quest for their openness to grow and empower each member of our community. It has been such an honor to facilitate this experience.”

“This incredibly inclusive and supportive group absolutely crushed surfing and explored the coast as an unstoppable unit of adventure and silliness.”