Notes from the Road: Magical Mystery Tour


Over the last two weeks, 11 Tawonga teens ventured all over the great state of California on the Magical Mystery Tour Quest. The Magical Mystery Tour Quest is an exciting trip as the Questers on the trip are unaware of what their itinerary is. Questers kayaked in Point Reyes, backpacked for three days in Yosemite, rafted on the American River and went to a trampoline house too! Questers are on a constant scavenger hunt, where they search for clues about their next destination. The Questers received clues from their Quest leaders alter egos, Ethel and Barry. Overall the Quest was a great bonding experience for everyone on the trip and it created memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.



The group really became a strong team after hiking 4 miles in Yosemite on a hot and very dry day. At the end of their hike, one of the Questers pulled out a full watermelon that he carried the entire hike to share with the rest of his Co-Questers.



Quest Leader Inspiration

On why Josh wanted to be a Quest Leader:


“To share an adventure in the wilderness with others!”



Below are photos from Magical Mystery Tour, as well as from activities at Session III today!