Notes from the Road: Surf and Turf


From July 9th to 21st, nine Tawongans aged 11-13 went on a road trip to some of the most beautiful spots on California’s coast. Questers got to experience the mountains of Big Sur, kayak through the Channel Islands on an overnight adventure and surf in Santa Barbara. They learned and experienced many new things, giving them memories that will last a lifetime!


The group really came together on the way back from their kayaking adventure. The Questers tied their all their kayaks together in a train formation and paddled their train all the way back to shore! They also bonded during their backpacking trip in Big Sur where they organized games to play among themselves while hiking.

Quest Leader Reflections

Kevin Ulibarri:

“My favorite part of being a Quest leader is seeing the kids grow closer to each other and overcoming challenges together, and doing it in the most beautiful places in the world! The kids really surprised us in their willingness to try new things, like helping cook meals and cooperating as a team to overcome challenges!”

Below are photos from the Surf and Turf, as well as from activities here at camp today!