One More Week of Session A

Today marks only one week left in Session A… where did the time go!? Our B-3 and B-4 counselors report their campers talking about how they aren’t ready for the session to be over because they’re having too much fun. (Not a bad problem to have!) This is not a surprise – in every bunk, we see how immersed the campers are in their activities and friendships, taking full advantage of all Tawonga has to offer. 

This afternoon, campers participated in a range of activities. SCITs joined a “getting gnarly” block, covering themselves in paint and mud and then jumping into the lake! Unit head Tallulah shared with us how meaningful Gnarly was to her as a camper. Gnarly challenges campers to go outside their comfort zones and reconsider the value we place on our physical appearance. Tallulah especially loves the part of the gnarly experience when everyone responds to the question, “What’s the gnarliest thing you’ve done?” This encourages campers to celebrate the less graceful, and perhaps messier parts of life.

Campers at A&C explored everything from tie dye to body art to jewelry making. The creativity is bursting!

Tonight we had an LGBTQ+ affinity dinner, which is a great opportunity for campers who elect to join to engage in identity-based conversations. After dinner, several bunks wrapped up this jam packed day with song writing and story sessions at their cabins. It’s always nice to come back together as a bunk community and wind down after a day of creativity and adventure!