Shabbat Shalom Session IV!

So much care is put into setting Shabbat apart as special and different from any other day of the week here at camp. This happens in many ways, from dressing up a little bit, to enjoying a delicious Shabbat meal, to participating in reflective unit-led Kabbalat Shabbats.

After a festive Shabbat meal with homemade challah, camp was in for a huge treat with an extra special freilach (Yiddish for lively song and dance), led by our incredible song leaders, including the one and only Isaac Zones who is with us for Session IV. The  Dining Hall lit up with energy and warmth as campers jumped and twirled to favorite Shabbat songs like “Ken Y’hi Ratzon” as well as some new tunes — a Taylor Swift-Beyonce-Spice Girls acoustic medley.

Later in the evening each unit participated in Kabbalat Shabbat at different beautiful locations at camp, including the Garden, the Burn, Freedom Forest, and Stone Couch. At the services, each bunk presented their interpretation of a Shabbat prayer in a creative, personal way. Tomorrow we get to relax for a sleep-in bagel breakfast, Shabbat-style.

Below, enjoy photos of the evening, with more to come tomorrow. Until we see you again, friends. Shabbat Shalom!