Shepherding Academy at the Farm and Garden

We are so fortunate that Tawonga is nestled in a beautiful valley on the doorstep of Yosemite National Park– campers can bask in the beauty of Camp and get away from the stresses of urban life. Campers live life here “unplugged” from media consumption, connecting with nature rather than screens. 


In addition to living in a beautiful setting, the Teva (nature) Staff give campers an experiential learning opportunity through intentional programming related to farming, gardening and sustainability. This brings part of our MissionTikkun Olam — building a partnership with nature and repairing the world — to life by teaching campers valuable lessons through fun and interactive programs. Tawonga’s Farm and Garden gives campers a tangible place to learn about how their food is created and where it comes from.


Today, B-2 and G-6b campers participated in a special program called the “Shepherding Academy” where they were given four tasks to complete. In order to become true “shepherds” they had to: 1) properly pick up one of the many chickens wandering through the farm 2) have goats Rocket or Becky approach them for head scratches 3) play a game where they “become the shepherd” or “be herded” to get better insight on what it is like to lead or follow a herd 4) understand the products the goats produce and the processes that go into obtaining them, including a live demonstration of how to make goat cheese! Campers wrote haikus about shepherding and ate crackers with the freshly made cheese. Yum! Campers were able to work together through these tasks, enabling them to learn and gain a new appreciation for animals, food and nature.


Enjoy photos below of this activity and others!