A Special Tawonga Tradition

Today was the first full day of Session II! Campers got their day started with a passionate song session after breakfast followed by rotations, where every camper got to learn about all the activities they can do this session. During cabin floats, campers were able to enjoy swimming, canoeing on the lake, arts & crafts and many more of the great activities available at Camp.


The first full day concludes with a special tradition we have here at Camp Tawonga, the Gender Campfires. The Gender Campfires are an opportunity for male and female campers to gather and discuss relevant gender issues. The intention of these campfires is to bring our community together by breaking down and discussing cultural and societal expectations of what a woman or a man should be. These campfires are meant to empower our campers and staff to be comfortable with who they truly are. The campfires are a way to set the tone for the rest of the session, bringing alive our Mission and creating a place where kids can be themselves and feel supported by the larger community. Through poems, stories, songs, personal sharing and group activities the boys and girls unpack some of the beauty and challenges of growing up into Tawonga men and women. Here at Tawonga, we celebrate differences by providing a safe space and the support necessary to give everyone who attends Camp a great and memorable time that will have a lasting positive impact on their lives.