Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight: Waterfront Department

Introducing your 2016 Waterfront department!

Here at Camp Tawonga, campers do a lot more than just hang out by the pool and soak up the sun– although that is a huge part of it! Along with lifeguarding at the pool, the Waterfront department also guards during mikvahs (a Jewish tradition that is meant to symbolize rebirth and renewal), rock-hopping along the middle-fork of the Tuolumne River, paddle-boating on the lake and more.

Each lifeguard is also assigned to a unit. Over the course of the session they spend time with their bunks leading unit swim, going to opening unit activities, and attending their Kabbalat Shabbat Services. It’s a great way for kids to develop relationships with staff and hang out with even more familiar faces around Camp.

When asked what her favorite part of the job is, Miranda shared:

I love taking the kids down to the river and getting to know their favorite river spots. Mikvahs are definitely my favorite activity to lead– it’s an amazing ritual at Camp that I did when I was a camper and it always meant a lot to me. Watching it continue throughout the years and seeing the way it impacts campers is such a beautiful experience.

Lizzie Moore, Head of Waterfront, expressed:

I love getting to spend time with campers when they have lots of energy and are having fun. I personally like pool jazzercise because it’s about letting loose and expressing yourself through dance, which the campers get really into.

The Waterfront department of course does a great job of keeping kids safe while leading fun blocks and activities. They always make sure that campers are enjoying themselves in the safest way possible, helping them feel completely at home whether at the pool, lake or river. One camper says:

I always look forward to coming to the pool. It’s always a fun time and all the lifeguards are like my counselors.

Thanks to the Waterfront department, every day Tawonga campers are having a safe, fun time in water areas all over Camp. Take a look at some pictures of our waterfront crew and from the rest of the day. See you tomorrow!