Assistant Director, Bay Area Programs

David “Griz” Griswold

David “Griz” Griswold hails from Maine, where he grew up thinking that California was a mythical land of well-tanned wonder, composed solely of unending beaches, short shorts, and rollerskates. After graduating from Yale and taking a job in communications at Google, he was delighted to discover he was only partially wrong—California had mountains too! And indeed, it was the Sierras that beckoned. “David” became “Griz” when he leapt from the hermetically sealed windows of the Googleplex to work on Tawonga’s vaunted Wild Staff in 2009. Since that time, Griz has worked as an educator and writer in a variety of capacities, most recently as a test prep and academic tutor and office director for AJ Tutoring in Lafayette, until returning home to Tawonga in 2023.

When he’s not connecting with families about Tawonga’s many down the mountain programs, Griz can usually be found writing a silly poem, strumming a thoughtful song, or strolling down a well-worn trail. If you look closely, you can also maybe find a children’s book or two that he has written. He is excited to connect with you!