Director of Equity, Inclusion and Justice

Kiyomi Gelber

Kiyomi began her journey with Tawonga as a counselor in 2004. She went on to be a Unit Head, supervisor of the CIT and SIT programs, supervisor/leader on TSL trips to Israel and Costa Rica and Summertime Assistant Director. Kiyomi has also worked in youth development and experiential education with diverse groups of young people through Mission Graduates, New Door Ventures, the Mosaic Project and Amigos de las Américas. Her hunger for learning and new experiences led her to intern on a farm in Italy and participate in the Dorot Fellowship in Israel. Kiyomi graduated from Pomona College with a degree in Environmental Analysis: Race, Class, Gender and the Environment and recently earned a master’s degree from the Harvard School of Education, where she studied Human Development and Psychology. Kiyomi is passionate about and committed to doing work that increases equity and justice. She is a certified yoga instructor and in her free time enjoys going on outdoor adventures, baking cookies, and hanging out with her amazing community of friends.