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A note about COVID-19 and Summer 2021

In order to follow our extensive guidelines and policies regarding COVID-19, we will modify certain activities throughout your child’s session at Camp to limit gathering sizes to just pods. This includes, but is not limited to, meals, song sessions and unit activities. Your child’s pod will start off as just their bunk (12 campers and 2-3 counselors), and could increase to units (4-5 cabins). All modifications help Tawonga meet, and often exceed, guidelines put forth by the Centers for Disease Control, American Camp Association and Tuolumne County Department of Public Health as well as Tawonga’s own doctors and COVID-19 Task Force. More information is available in our Enrolled Family COVID-19 FAQs.

“A Day in the Life” at Camp Tawonga

A typical day at Camp Tawonga is designed by the cabin group along with their counselors. This means that every child has the opportunity to try new activities and to revisit old favorites too. No two bunks have the same schedule, and all campers have days packed with fun, bonding and adventure!

For A Taste of Camp, our amazing counselors design a well-balanced schedule to provide a taste of the most popular activities at Camp. For our longer sessions, bunks of campers help to design their schedule of activities starting the second week of Camp. For all sessions, cabins experience Camp together primarily as a bunk as well with their unit of similarly-aged campers, which is an integral part of our mission-based and group-focused philosophy of building a cooperative community.

A Typical Day at Tawonga

Time What Description
7:15AM Boker Tov - Good morning campers!

The wake up bell rings, and campers roll out of their sleeping bags and get ready for a fantastic day! They start the morning by brushing their teeth (campers will have a staggered bathroom schedule to ensure physical distancing from other pods), grabbing hats, slathering on sunscreen and filling water bottles before heading out the door.

Outdoor Breakfast

Campers and counselors gather around their breakfast table, say hamotzi, and dig into a wholesome family-style meal, followed by a rousing outdoor song session. There will be a large outdoor tent for meals.

Cabin Activities

As a cabin group, campers participate in activities such as arts & crafts, basketball, archery and cooking in the garden.

Outdoor Lunch

Our delicious fresh food menu typically includes parent-pleasers with a good balance of protein, vegetables and fresh fruit as well as classic kid favorites like mac ‘n' cheese and pizza.

Rest Hour

A great time to rest, write letters, read, or play cards with bunkmates.

More Cabin Activities

Campers enjoy more mellow activities during the warmer part of the day, such as paddle boating, making friendship bracelets on the riverbank, playing ping-pong or Israeli dancing in the shade-covered gazebo.

Swimming Campers can enjoy our Olympic-sized pool and may choose to swim laps, start a game of Marco Polo, or just relax and float around in an inner tube at least every other day while they’re at Camp.

Outdoor Dinner At Tawonga, we take pride in our incredible homemade food. Your child will never go hungry with our delicious, nutritious meals and healthy alternatives that meet most dietary needs. Dinner is followed by another exciting outdoor song session.


Campers have the opportunity to individually choose which outdoor activities to explore around Camp while masked. Specialists lead programming like drama games, soccer, boating on the lake, candle-making and more.

Night Time Activities

From campfires and storytelling to star gazing, s’mores and talent shows older campers enjoy evening activities while younger campers get ready for bed.

Sweet Dreams – Lilah tov

Counselors bring closure to the day by leading a bedtime ritual like asking campers to share the best part of their day. Younger bunks may read a chapter of a book each night, and teenagers may discuss a topic of importance to them.

Lights Out!

Campers have a big day tomorrow. Some days at Camp include extra special activities like theme days, backpacking and the challenge course. (Younger campers have a slightly earlier bedtime.)

*A Taste of Camp campers follow an earlier evening schedule. In addition, as a result of the shorter program length, they will not be backpacking or going on the challenge course.

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