Rachael Abigail Colvin Henderson

Camp has given me so much and now I want to give back.”Rachael Abigail Colvin Henderson

My best friend and I pinky-swore in the back of my mom’s Volvo when we were 8 years old to go to Camp Tawonga together. Camp has been in my life ever since that afternoon. I had the privilege and honor of being a camper for 8 years and a staff member for 2 years. Camp shaped my life in a way that made me who I am today; it taught me how to be a strong woman and a caring friend, gave me a foundation of Judaism that worked for me, to respect and appreciate nature, and how to give back to my community. I will always be grateful for my experiences and the tools Camp has left me with – and will strive to ensure future campers share these joys.

Tawonga to me means family. I am a third-generation Tawongan. My Grandfather, Ken Colvin, would say he “always had one foot in Tawonga’s soil.” He was a camper, counselor, assistant director, board member, and president. He passed his love and admiration for Tawonga on to me and my family. I hope to continue to support Camp the way he intended, through the Colvin Campership Fund, which my grandparents created to send as many children as possible to Camp who were not otherwise financially able to attend. Camp has given me so much and now I want to give back. 

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