T-2 days until Taste of Camp!

Since the arrival of our staff last Sunday to train for our 90th summer season, there has been a tangible sense of excitement and anticipation in the mountain air. Throughout this week of In-Service Training, our 170-member staff team representing all departments have undergone intensive workshops and training sessions to prepare for the best summer possible for our campers. Our highly qualified staff range from first-time Tawongans to full-time directors with decades of experience, many of whom were once Tawonga campers themselves. Our staff also come to us from all over the country, as well as Costa Rica, the United Kingdom, and Israel.

This week has focused on creating a tightly bonded staff community. Every department has been trained on the importance of living up to our mission: fostering positive self-esteem, creating a cooperative community, instilling a partnership with nature, and developing spirituality and positive Jewish identity.

As many of you begin preparing to send your child to camp this summer, make sure to check out camp parent and part-time Summer Assistant Director, Jessica Colvin’s “pro-tips” for packing. Whether your child is a first-timer at Tawonga or a seasoned veteran, we’re so excited to welcome everyone at Taste of Camp on Sunday. Shabbat Shalom!