T.G.I.S. (Thank G-d It’s Shabbat!)

Happy Friday from Camp Tawonga! The Units of Chalutzim and Galil have returned from their backpacking trips– everyone is eagerly awaiting that special moment when all of Camp has gathered in the Dining Hall to say the prayers, eat a delicious meal and spend the evening together as a whole community. 


Everyone gets ready for Shabbat in a different way. On Friday afternoon we take extra care of our cabins and ourselves; campers and staff spend time together cleaning their bunks, putting on special clothes, and getting in the joyful Shabbat spirit. Some units have unique responsibilities for Shabbat that help the entire Camp community. For example, the Unit of Eilat braided the challah while the Unit of Carmel crafted homemade challah covers that will decorate our table spreads later tonight.


The bunk of G6-B raised spirits, or ruach, by performing “goat-mitzvahs” at the Farm. Campers recited written speeches about watching the baby goat grow up into an amazing kid (pun intended) while feeding the goats and other farm animals some afternoon snacks. 


After gathering for Shabbat dinner and an enthusiastic freilach Song Session, campers will return to their cabins to change and get comfortable for their Unit Kabbalat Shabbat services.


Kabbalat Shabbat services are great examples of how Tawonga embodies the fourth rung of our Mission– Positive Jewish Identity and Spirituality. Each cabin takes turns leading one of the Shabbat prayers for the rest of the unit in creative and fun ways. These performances can be anything from songs and dances to spoken word performances and skits. It’s a chance for cabins to express their own interpretations of the prayers and Judaism in a way that is meaningful for them and the rest of the unit.


Shabbat at Camp is a great opportunity to reflect on the magical week we’ve shared together and to look forward to another great week to come!