Tawonga Campers Solve Mystery of Missing Music

Every session, our Programming Department puts on a fun All Camp Program. Today the programmers put on what they call the “Tawonga Files: Vol. XV The Mystery of the Missing Music” where campers participated in activities to solve the mystery of the missing music. Below, enjoy a silly breaking news style article about the program.

Tawonga Campers Solve Mystery of Missing Music

Breaking News, Camp Tawonga — Today the campers solved the mystery of the missing music, identifying Assistant Director Aaron Mandel as the culprit during the Session IV All Camp Program.

Scheduled to begin at 8:50 A.M., Song Session was abruptly disrupted as the music malfunctioned, causing a calamitous uproar. Director of Programming Gabe Quintana, suggested that the campers should move to the stage to see if the music would work out there.

“We are really happy we found the culprit but we are also really understanding. Aaron is a really nice guy, I’ve known him for a long time,” Quintana said.

Tensions began to rise as the Programming Department could not identify the source of the problem. Moments later, Batman (who looked suspiciously similar to Carmel Unit Counselor, Evan Gunsberg), appeared at the scene having heard of the situation as he was leaving the Buck Meadows Detective Convention, just 10 miles away.

Enlisting the help of his detective colleagues — Steve and Blue (of “Blue’s Clues”), Fred and Daphne (of Scooby Doo), Nancy Drew, Inspector Gadget, Harriet the Spy, and Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson — Batman implored the campers to help try to solve the Mystery of the Missing Music.

Each unit participated in several activities such as improvisation games, capture the flag, gaga, and relay races in the pool. At the end of each activity, campers were given a clue getting them closer to finding who stole Tawonga’s music.

After collecting their clues, campers met at the stage and put it all together. It was clear that Mandel was the culprit. Although Mandel denied the allegations, Blogger and Photographer, Gabi Hamlett, provided photographic evidence confirming that he was, in fact, responsible for stealing the music.

According to Quintana, Mandel had been self conscious of his relative tone-deafness and wanted to steal the music because he didn’t think he could be a part of such a musical community. On learning this, campers began shouting chants of encouragement prompting Mandel to realize he was able to sing all along!

With the music reclaimed by campers, our song leaders were able to lead campers in an outdoor song session usually reserved for Friday evenings.

“The activity was an overwhelming success,” Quintana said. “The kids were engaged and built community. It was a great way for them to express themselves in a wacky silly fun way.”


Below enjoy photos from the program! Be sure to check in here on The Pipeline for more photos and updates.