Tawonga Tidbit

Tawonga Tidbit

🍴 Today’s Kitchen Menu


🥚 Frittata with caramelized onion, spinach, tomato and gouda, and grapefruit


🥔 Baked potato bar with all the fixins and salad

🍎 Fruit: Apples


🥕 Veggie stir fry with brown rice and optional chicken add-in

🍪 Dessert: Chocolate chip cookies


A Note on Alternative Foods
🥑 Tasty vegetarian and vegan options are available for every meal, in addition to a “middle table” with alternative meal options to meet every camper’s needs.

🥣 During breakfast, the middle table offers a wide selection of cold cereal and milk (dairy-free options too), in addition to hot cereal with toppings. Each lunch and dinner, campers can choose from options at the middle table, like sun-butter and jelly sandwiches, tuna sandwiches and hummus. 

🏕 Backpacking Trips and Challenge Course


The units of Nitzanim (B-Aleph, B-Bet, G-Aleph, G-Bet) and Chalutzim (B-9, B-10, G-9, G-10) left for their backpacking trips this morning.

Bunks B-3 and B-4 are at the Challenge Course today!


The units of Nitzanim (B-Aleph, B-Bet, G-Aleph, G-Bet) and Chalutzim (B-9, B-10, G-9, G-10) will be on their second day of backpacking.

Bunks B-5 and B-6 will try their hand at the Challenge Course!

🎂 Birthdays 

No birthdays at Camp today. Happy summer solstice everyone.

Curious what celebrating a birthday at Camp Tawonga looks like? Check out this post!

☀️ How’s the Weather? 

Sunny with a high of 96, low of 62

Counselors remind campers every day to drink water throughout the day and to apply (and re-apply) sunscreen. These kids are in good hands!

🛠 In Case You Missed It …

Check out our 2020 Impact Report for what Tawonga was up to during the pandemic. Although we weren’t able to run Camp last summer, there are plenty of moments worth celebrating, including the construction of a brand new Health Center! See how our community came together and shared our mission during an incredibly challenging year.


The Tawonga Tidbit provides a daily dose of Camp with our kitchen menu, Camp birthdays and more. We hope this series brings you a bit closer to Tawonga!