Tawonga Tidbit

Tawonga Tidbit

Today’s weather: High of 87, low of 63

Today’s kitchen menu:

  • Breakfast: Eggs, english muffins, ketchup
  • Lunch: Penne pasta with cherry tomatoes and spinach
  • Dinner: International Dinner! Buffet style meal of food from around the world made by staff members

In case you missed it, check out this post on the four big improvements in the Tawonga kitchen this season.

Vegetarian alternatives are provided for camp meals, in addition to cereal and oatmeal or grits for breakfast, and sun butter & jelly sandwiches during lunch and dinner, plus a salad bar option.

Where the campers are:

  • Challenge Course: B-1 & B-2

Today’s birthdays:

Happy birthdays to campers Avery H. from B-8B and Julian O. from B-10 as well as G-6A counselor, Sadie K.!