Tawonga Tidbit

Tawonga Tidbit

Today’s Kitchen Menu

  • Breakfast: Pancakes, raspberry compote and hard-boiled eggs
  • Lunch: Grilled cheese, tomato soup and green salad / Dessert: apples
  • Dinner: Chicken and veggie stir-fry, cabbage slaw and rice / Dessert: custard pie!

Check out this post on recent improvements in the Tawonga kitchen. 

Delicious vegetarian options are available for every meal, in addition to a “middle table” with alternate meal options for anyone who does not like what is being served.

Where the Campers Are

The unit of Eilat (5s and 6s) headed out for their backpacking trips today and get back to Camp tomorrow! Here’s where these bunks are headed:

B-5: Raisin Lake

B-6A: Bridalveil Creek

B-6B: Kibby Lake

G-5: Mono Meadow

G-6: Tamarack Creek

All other cabins are in Camp.

How’s the Weather?

High of 93, low of 63

Every afternoon, campers head to our olympic-size pool with their counselors for Free Swim. It’s a great way to cool off on a hot day, and kids can also play ping-pong or basketball nearby, or just hang out on the deck. 

In case you missed it, check out this post on what a “typical day” at Camp Tawonga looks like. 

Today’s Birthdays

Happy birthday to camper Alice O. and to staff member Rose B.! And yesterday, we DID celebrate camper Elijah G.‘s birthday as well!

Birthdays at Camp Tawonga are pretty amazing…this is what they look like.

Tawonga Tidbit brings you a daily dose of Camp with our kitchen menu, Camp birthdays, and more. We hope this series brings you a tidbit closer to Tawonga.