Tawonga Tidbit

Tawonga Tidbit

Today’s Kitchen Menu

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, English muffins and bananas
  • Lunch: Oodles of Noodles! Penne, chard, cherry tomatoes and parmesan / Dessert: Apples
  • Dinner: Banquet! Roast turkey, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, cranberry sauce, green beans and Martinelli’s Cider / Dessert: Pumpkin pie

Delicious vegetarian options are available for every meal, in addition to a “middle table” with alternative meal options.

Where the Campers Are

All bunks are in Camp today as we enjoy our last full day of Session III together. We are really going to miss these kids!

How’s the Weather?

High of 92 low of 59

Today’s Birthdays

What’s so special about today? It’s camper Julian R.’s birthday. Tomorrow is camper Shaked P.‘s birthday too!

Having a birthday at Camp Tawonga is pretty amazing…it looks like this.

Tidbit Pic

Overlooking the lake and Dining Hall

Tawonga Tidbit brings you a daily dose of Camp with our kitchen menu, Camp birthdays and more. We hope this series brings you a tidbit closer to Tawonga.