“Tawonga Time”

Earlier this morning, a group of campers sat near the lake playing cards, and got to talking about Camp. One of them shared,

It’s hard to believe just a week ago today, I was getting on the bus to come to Tawonga! It feels so long ago.


Camp has that effect – days feel like weeks, and weeks feel like days. Being away from technology allows campers to disconnect in order to connect, which alters our sense of time in a wonderful way. Each day, campers arise to the bright sun and sounds of chirping birds, rather than the buzz of their technological device.


In such a digital age, it’s a gift to be able to unplug and give campers the opportunity to forge connections face-to-face. Camp shows us there’s so much beyond the confines of the screen. Through activities like group games of foosball, tie-dye at Arts & Crafts and lily pad slip-n-slide by the lake, bunks are able to bond in the outdoors.


Enjoy photos from today’s unplugged activities! More bunk photos coming to a screen near you in this evening’s post.