Teamwork: A Day at the Challenge Course

Once per session, every bunk spends a day at Tawonga’s Challenge Course with incredible wilderness leaders who guide campers through a series of mental and physical challenges.


Campers spend the first block of the morning stationary at a location like Pipeline (a Tuolumne River spot), away from other camp activities so they can focus on their group and the tasks at hand. With their attention focused, campers participate in team-building games that emphasize communication and trust-building skills. The bunk group agrees upon rules of communication, support and safety that they can put to use throughout the day.


Wilderness leaders Brenton (better known as “Big Fiji”) and Eric (better known as “A-Rock”) impart leadership skills onto campers, giving them the communication tools they need to safely complete the course as a team.


Big Fiji and A-Rock emphasize the importance of listening and following instructions, teamwork and communication, as well as the ideal mindset to harness going into challenges.


The Challenge Course program at Tawonga encourages campers to examine their comfort zones and assess what ways in which they can step out of that zone in order to challenge themselves safely.


As a result of participating in this engaging and interactive adventure, cabins bond closer together and leave the Course with the tools they need to work and live as a team for the remainder of the session.



Who’s up?

Enjoy photos from Ruach Hour, Challenge Course, ceramics and the beloved activity, “Getting Gnarly”.


Who’s on deck?

Look forward to pics from Unit s’mores and other evening activities.