The fun never stops!

It’s day ten at camp and the fun hasn’t stopped! Bunks G-1 and G-2 “got Gnarly” today — an activity where campers are able to step out of their comfort zones to get as dirty as they want by decorating themselves with washable materials such as dirt, paint, and leaves. Along with all the usual activities at camp, such as candle making at Arts & Crafts, going to the Tuolumne River, and drama games at the stage, the unit of Chalutzim participated in a camp program called “Maccabi Games” where they engaged in team-building activities. Galil bunks (G-3, G-4A, G-4B, B-3, and B-4) spent the day  bonding at the Challenge Course. Below enjoy photos from throughout the day and lookout for more photos later tonight!