The Gift of Harvest

Friday morning is a very special time in Camp Tawonga’s organic garden – it’s the time of our weekly harvest!


With the help of our full-time farmer, Rebs, who began her role back in April, the garden is truly thriving this summer, and our campers love being a part of it! Every Shabbat this summer, we have been able to harvest produce and flowers for a true farm-to-table experience at Camp that connects directly to the central element of our Mission of establishing a partnership with nature.


This morning, Rebs led the bunk of G-1 to harvest kale, squash, and cucumbers! Before getting to work on the vegetables, Rebs asked the girls to sit in a circle and think about and share the best gift they’ve ever received. Some of the gifts mentioned were:


The gift of a loving family.


The gift of being able to come to Tawonga every summer.


This question encourages campers to begin an internal dialogue about what it means to build connections and relationships with one another through the gift of giving. Bringing the discussion to the garden, Rebs offered:


Food is something to be shared and given, not just bought and sold. When we share what we have with others around us, we are able to create strong connections and community by giving more, and taking less.


Providing these sorts of opportunities for our campers brings a true sense of mindfulness to thinking about and appreciating the food we eat and the community with whom we share it. The garden also connects to our summer’s Jewish theme, Hineni, which means “I am here” or “I am present,” encouraging campers to be be aware and mindful by knowing where our food is coming from, how we take care of it and how to live sustainably.


P.S. We also have a new greenhouse in the garden this season! This has been an incredible resource. With the help of our campers, Rebs has been able to plant flowers, chard, and basil to keep in the greenhouse and harvest throughout the summer. Plus, at the end of this season, we will be able to save seeds to plant in the greenhouse for next summer!


Below, enjoy some photos from this morning’s harvest as well as other happenings from around Camp.