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The Rhythm of Camp

Music is a very important part of the Camp Tawonga experience. It is an essential part of each and every day here at camp. Every morning and every evening we close out our breakfast and dinner with a spirited song session. Led by our gifted song leaders, our song sessions feature a wide selection of music picked from our Camp Tawonga songbook. Campers gather in the middle of the dining hall to dance and sing their hearts out. The songbook feature a wide variety of music, from old folk classics to pop songs and Hebrew/Israeli music, campers get to enjoy it all.


Song sessions are not the only time campers get to embrace music. Our song leaders run specialized programming that is focussed on giving campers a better appreciation for music. They do this by having cabins jam out, creating new songs that tell stories and changing up old classics to serenade the staff around camp.


Music at camp is also a great way for campers to come together and feel the strength of the Camp Tawonga community. During our song sessions and music programming, campers get to let loose and be themselves with a whole bunch of their peers. We are one big family here at Camp and it is most evident when we are sing and dancing our hearts out!