The Values of Livnot

Today started off with the morning All-Camp Program where campers had to return John Muir’s stolen ruach and prevent Yosemite from being turned into a strip mall, they did it!

Campers in the three oldest units then had their second round of Livnot. Livnot is an elective based activity where campers meet five times a session and choose a subject to learn more about. They can choose anything from songwriting and song leading, beat-boxing, drama games, frisbee, basketball, chess and more.

The idea of Livnot is that campers learn a skill and gain knowledge about a specific subject after receiving the education to dig deeper into that topic of choice. It’s also an opportunity for campers to explore their personal interests and gain a better understanding of skills that they may not know they possess!

Take a look at some pictures from Livnot and stay tuned for our posts tomorrow!