Tikkun Olam: Earth Day

by Julia-Rose Kibben and Leora Cockrell

Teen Leadership Institute (TLI) campers embarked on a new service project yesterday by taking the lead at Camp’s Earth Day. Every year, all of Camp gathers in the Garden to learn as a community different ways we can care for the Earth and live out the value of tikkun olam, the Jewish value of “repairing the world.” In addition, Earth Day aims to educate campers about causes and ways to become involved “down the mountain.”


Our Teva (nature) department programmed a full day of activities across four “tracks” in which campers were divided into categories: builders, warriors, healers and visionary teachers. The tracks were led by TLI campers who have been studying leadership and collective action while at Camp. These tracks celebrate diverse ways of being involved in caring for the earth and each other.


TLI programmers led campers in meaningful, fun, food-themed and “deep dive” philosophical blocks in every track.


Campers in the healer track created rejuvenating herbal sprays and practiced meditation at one station, while others at the warrior station learned about the history of the Farm Workers Movement and made tomato, grape and basil skewers.


At the builder track, campers created hands-on components, like insect pollinator boxes. They also brainstormed artistic solutions to current social and environmental issues while raising awareness and appreciation of resources and ecosystems at Camp.


Those on the visionary-teaching track made fresh Garden wraps and posed inspiring questions.


The day culminated with a live music festival at the Moadone and an all-Camp march where campers held handmade signs demanding justice for their chosen causes. Incredible!


Julia-Rose Kibben is Camp’s Blogger/Photographer this summer, and Leora Cockrell is our Farm & Garden Supervisor.


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