Top 5 Tawonga tunes this summer

Music is one of the greatest bonding forces at camp. Whether it’s jazzercise in the Dining Hall with our Dance Programmer, or Pool Parties with our Waterfront team, every session there are a few songs that we can’t seem to stop listening to! We like to think that when campers hear these same songs after camp, they will remember their home away from home in the “tall, tall, trees”. For the past week, every bunk submitted their vote for the Top 5 songs of the session. The winning Top 5 will be unveiled at an upcoming special song session! We can’t wait to see what the campers have to say. Below we’ve compiled our own playlist of the Top 5 Tawonga Tunes so far this season.


  1. Cheerleader by OMI: This upbeat song has been a number one hit this session. At one point or another, we have all caught ourselves singing this catchy anthem on our way from Unit Swim to the Dining Hall.
  2. Bad Blood by Taylor Swift: Every morning at 7 A.M., campers love waking up to this powerful T-Swift breakup ballad featuring Kendrick Lamar. Even though we are well underway with Session II, this song really never gets old.
  3. Worth It by Fifth Harmony: This “girl-power” song has been featured on several occasions bringing it to number 3 on our Top 5 list. It’s safe to say that the five girls of Fifth Harmony are Tawonga Women due to their pump-up self-worth song that we love to get down to during jazzercize routines.
  4. Bailando by Enrique Iglesias: It’s impossible to hear this song without getting up to dance! Campers love when this song plays at the pool and it truly brings a wave of energy over camp.
  5. Country Roads by John Denver: This Tawonga classic connects generations of Tawongans, making it part of the Top 5 Tunes. Introduced in the ‘90s, this song evokes strong feelings of nostalgia for campers and staff members alike.

“Country Roads, Take me home to the place, I belong. Camp Tawonga, California, Take me home, down country roads.”

As the night wound down, campers enjoyed relaxing activities at Arts & Crafts, singing music while making s’mores, and team building in the Dining Hall. Below are photos from the afternoon and evening.

Specialist In-Training, Julia Rose K., contributed to this post.