Top 7 items you’ll find in a Tawonga backpack

Today we share a behind-the-scenes peek into the lives of Camp Tawonga campers, through the contents of their trusty backpacks! Since kids are constantly on the go at camp, we encourage them to carry the necessary items throughout the day to stay hydrated and happy. Below is our comprehensive list of the top 7 items you’ll find in a Tawongan’s backpack:

  1. Water Bottle This crucial item is so important to staying hydrated here at camp! Campers and staff alike often exercise their personal styles and creativity by “modge-podging” their water bottles at Arts & Crafts or including an assortment of stickers.
  2. Chapstick Having chapstick accessible is a great way to keep moisturized in the dry heat.
  3. Sunscreen We are obsessed with sunscreen here at Camp T! We are fortunate to have beautiful blue sunny skies up in the Sierras, and for that reason we take all measures to stay protected and healthy in the sun.
  4. Hat To get some shade or for personal style, you can often find a hat in campers’ backpacks — if they’re not already wearing one of course!
  5. Sunglasses We offer two stylish pairs of sunglasses for sale in the at-camp and online Canteen: classic forest green and hip tortoise shell. Both are great looks to enjoy sunny days!
  6. Envelope and Stamps In addition to the post card writing party we hold at the beginning of every session, campers can stay in touch with family and friends to tell them about all the fun things going on at camp.
  7. Disposable Camera Last but not least, a camera is a great way to capture moments and take Tawonga home! Share your photos with us too, via, or #tawongapics.

Below, enjoy photos from the day’s activities where campers enjoyed the pool, capture the flag, and song session.