Training the Future of Tawonga

The Counselor In-Training (CIT) program is one of Tawonga’s longest-running and most popular teen programs. CITs are at Tawonga for three weeks, spending one week during Taste of Camp in intensive trainings and team-building, which prepares them to work hands-on with campers during Session II.


This year, 20 CITs from as far north as Portland and as far south as Los Angeles, some long-time campers and others new to Tawonga, have begun to transition from being on the receiving end of the Tawonga experience to creating it for the next generation through hands-on work with young campers. All of them are rising high school seniors, and many will be eligible to work on staff next summer.


CITs work most directly with a bunk they are assigned to and spend time with their campers during morning and evening blocks. In the middle of the day, all CITs gather for lunch with CIT Program Staff Eli C., Ben N. and Allie S. for trainings focused on leadership and childcare skills.


The CIT schedule also allows time for fun Tawonga activities that provide the classic Camp experience within a leadership context.


CITs can commonly be seen assisting at Song Sessions, facilitating discussions, leading games and helping bunk counselors coordinate activities. CITs play a crucial role during Session II as they become friends and role models to their campers while developing the leadership skills necessary to one day be part of Tawonga’s summer staff. 


A Staff Reflection

“I love working with CITs because Tawonga Teens are compassionate, insightful, and ready to give back to their Camp communities. These rising leaders make me feel that Tawonga, as well as their home communities, are moving into capable hands.” – Eli C., CIT Program Supervisor

Who’s up?

Enjoy photos of CITs having lots of fun together and with their campers over the first few days of Session II.

Who’s on deck?

Look forward to some flicks from Challenge Course, river fun and drama games.