Unit Pride!

At Camp Tawonga, our campers are divided based on age into what we call “units”, and tonight, campers spent time after dinner learning unit-specific cheers. The five units of Tawonga are: Carmel, Galil, Eilat, Haifa, and Chalutzim — all representing places and regions in Israel. One of the central parts of camp, units allow campers from different bunks to interact with each other and to develop friendships. It is also a way for campers to develop a sense of ruach (Hebrew for spirit) in our community and in their experiences here. At mealtimes, units will often chant their cheers in efforts to display as much ruach through their voices as possible. We can’t wait to hear their cheers, loud and proud, tomorrow at breakfast! Below enjoy photos of some of the unit activities and be sure to tune in soon for more updates.