We Welcome You to Camp Tawonga!

We’re mighty glad you’re here, Session II!


Session II began today with campers from the Bay Area and beyond arriving on buses. Counselors greeted their campers with high fives and hugs as they were split up into their various bunk assignments and Units. All of Camp reconvened for a dinner of chicken or tofu teriyaki and vegetables followed by an exciting Song Session. Yum!


Session II is special because every bunk (except those in the Unit of Chalutzim) has a teen from our Counselor In-Training (CIT) program with their bunk. After spending the weekend bonding while white-water rafting on the American River, CITs joined their cabins today. The teens helped lead get-to-know-you activities with the campers, establishing their roles within the bunk dynamic.


All bunks performed their cheers at our Opening Campfire which they rehearsed upon arrival. 


Old friends and new put their arms around one another as they sang the Hashkiveinu and “Friends, Friends, Friends” and set off to settle in to their new cabins for an early bedtime so that they are rested and ready for a full and fun first day of Camp. 


Who’s up?

Today we welcome our Session II campers with a first glimpse into the fun we’re having. Enjoy photos of introductions and the Opening Campfire, and a sneak peek into the river rafting trip our IT’s took over the past weekend.


Who’s on deck?

Get excited for photos of rotations and our first full day of activities tomorrow!