📻 Journeys to Tawonga: Rabbi Laura Rumpf

Welcome to “Journeys to Tawonga,” a series of brief conversations about how different people stumble upon Camp in nonconventional ways – and the impact it makes on their lives.

What do marshmallows have to do with Jewish teaching? At Tawonga, it turns out, a lot! Check out our latest “Journey to Tawonga” with Rabbi Laura Rumpf and Associate Director Aaron Mandel to find out more!


Mazel Tov Rabbi Laura!

After this interview was recorded, Rabbi Laura and husband Jay welcomed baby boy Amichai into the world, on November 30! Mazel Tov!!

Rabbi Laura at Camp Tawonga

See photos below of Rabbi Laura during her time leading Tawonga’s Jewish programming at Camp Tawonga. Today, Laura is a rabbi at Peninsula Temple Beth El.


P.S. Tawonga’s 2021 summer staff application is now live!

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