Camper Reflections

It’s our last full day of Session IV, and campers and staff alike are feeling reflective about our time at Camp Tawonga coming to an end (for now). During this time, we took the opportunity to check in with some campers from the Photography Livnot, or “Phot-Not” as we like to call it. (Learn more about Livnot here.)


Phot-Not campers focused on expressing themselves through the art of photography as well as honing the basics of how to use a camera. After taking pictures around Camp, dressing up and participating in a model photo-shoot, we participated in a discussion about what Camp Tawonga means to us personally. Here are some of the thoughts that were shared:

Shiraz:  Here, no one tells you how or who you should be. Everyone at Tawonga lifts each other up. When I think about Tawonga when I’m not here, there’s so much emotion, and I feel super good inside.


Sai: It’s just a really safe place with an amazing community. Everyone supports you no matter who you are, and you can be completely yourself. There are so many life lessons learned here, like always making time to treat yourself.


Sarah: Camp Tawonga changed my life. The more I come back, the more happy and lively I become.


Milah: It’s almost indescribable how this place makes me feel. At Camp, you do whatever makes you feel comfortable, and you can be totally yourself and everyone around you is too. There are no fake friendships here because everyone is just so happy, accepting and their best selves at Camp. I would be a different person without Tawonga.


At Camp, every program is intentionally designed and facilitated with our Mission and Philosophy in mind. In this way, campers have the opportunity to continually build self-esteem, a partnership with nature, a cooperative community and a connection with Judaism. From the discussion above, it’s very evident that these campers have been positively influenced by being a part of Tawonga’s loving community. That’s all we can ask for!



Enjoy pictures of our Phot-Not crew below and other activities from today. All pictures below until “Rap Chugim” are taken by Phot-Not campers! Check in later tonight when we’ll be posting lots of photos from our Closing Campfire.