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FAQs: All-Gender Cabin

FAQs: All-Gender Cabin


Why are you offering an all-gender cabin option?

Providing more choices for housing allows us to accommodate more campers’ gender identities and housing preferences. This is aligned with Tawonga’s mission of allowing each camper to be their authentic selves. Our goal is to ensure that every child who attends Camp is welcomed, included and celebrated.


Are you offering an all-gender cabin in all summer camp sessions?

In 2019 we are going to pilot an all-gender cabin during Session IV only.


What age groups are going to be offered this option?

In our pilot year, we are going to offer one all-gender cabin for rising 6th, 7th and 8th graders.


If my child is attending Session IV and is in the eligible grade spread, is there a chance that they could be housed in an all-gender cabin even if they don’t want to be?

No. This is an opt-in program.


How will you handle privacy and changing clothes in the all-gender cabin?

There will be no public nudity in this cabin. Campers can change clothes in the bathroom, in their sleeping bags, or behind a curtain which will be installed in the cabin like a fitting room at a clothing store.


Who should live in this cabin?

This cabin is open to anyone in the eligible grade spread who opts in during registration. This is a great option for children with non-binary gender identity, children who prefer to bunk with children of other genders, children who want to bunk with a friend who is non-binary, and campers who feel this is the best fit for any reason.


How will you determine which cabin my child lives in?

Parents who have registered for Session IV and whose children are in the eligible grade spread (rising 6th through 8th grade) can request for their child to live in an all-gender cabin.  If you check the box that this is your preference during registration, we will follow up with more information and a questionnaire for you to fill out.


What is the bathroom situation?

The all-gender cabin will have access to all-gender bathrooms and showers, as well as the boys’ and girls’ bathroom and shower facilities.


Who will be the counselors?

We will assign loving Tawonga counselors to the all-gender cabin and provide additional training and resources to them.


Will this pilot program take away from the boys and girls cabins’ bunk experience?

Not at all! Creating community within each cabin remains the cornerstone of the Tawonga experience. We know there is a lot of power in girls creating a diverse sisterhood and boys creating a diverse brotherhood within their cabins, and that isn’t going away. We will continue to train counselors that there are many ways to express gender, and all gender expressions will be accepted and celebrated in all cabins.


Will there still be diversity of gender expression within the boys and girls cabins?

Yes. Tawonga believes there is not one right way to be a girl or be a boy and encourages all campers to just be themselves regardless of what cabin they live in.


Where can I find more information on gender diversity?

Here is a link to articles, books, and resources.


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