Friends, Friends, Friends

The first rung of Tawonga’s Mission is to promote self-confidence in our campers, helping them to thrive and discover the best versions of themselves in a safe and supportive environment. Through inclusive activities and positive reinforcement (“I’m awesome!”), the friendships that form within this setting are sure to outlast the six days of A Taste of Camp.


Every camper contributes to the cabin dynamic as well as every bunk discussion. For instance, traditional nighttime bunk rituals invite everyone in the bunk to share a “star” and a “wish” from the day, recognizing the highlight of their day and what they are looking forward to for the next day.


By sharing feelings regularly, continuously engaging in fun, bonding activities and contributing to the bunk unit – all while staying disconnected from technology – campers become more attuned to their cabinmates’ feelings and form strong friendships.


This bunk-centric philosophy allows for campers of all ages to make lasting memories with their cabinmates, who have now become forever “Friends, friends, friends,” just like the song goes.


Enjoy photos from the day below!